Monday, October 6, 2008


Its been..... almost 4 months... cant imagine i can abandon this bloggy space for such a long time..

But anyway... my life has totally changed since 4 months ago.. we got our 1st baby.. almost 19 weeks now...whooohoo....

He/She is quite a active little one... i can see him/her moving actively in there everytime i go for check up.. love it... hehe...

but since i pregnant... life not only dramatically but... turn to a tough one also.. not only the morning sickness.. but the unstoppable gastric and GALLSTONES found! Damn!! Made me so suffer and confused all the time..cant really enjoy the pregnancy even though i've reach the so-called "honeymoon stage - 2nd trimester"!

But i will forget all those pain when my saw my husband talking to my belly, listen if he/she making any sound inside there.. he really loves and dotes both of us very very much.. and we love him the same..

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