Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a Quick sneak!

I was in Setia Corporate Tower for 1 and a half hours... really amaze me...what a nice building SP Setia has...although everything not confirm still proud that..Setia has such nice Corporate Building...

I was waiting at the so-called "Lobby" - Large, Grand, Long and Big Aquarium, Nice design Waiting Area, Good-Looking sales man (from long distance view actually and i was not wearing specs that time) etc.. If got should go there and have a look..just pretend that you wanna buy a bungalow or bungalow land there...

I was told by the nice and sweet Carmen that if im selected..i will not based in this building (@.@..wth..why not?im ED's right hand leh...)..but based in new-built GLASS-FORMED Luxury Sales Office(Wow...that is great also..another nice building of SP

Setia Corporate Tower

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