Friday, May 9, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding

Alice...she is going to get married on 24 May 2008 at Tampin..

Oh God, so happy for her... i was closest with her during my four years UTM boring study life...

Her husband, our senior.... never thought that she chose him as last choice...hahaha...there were i think...around... 10 admirers at the same time.. he should be proud that he is the "final decision" - CHOP and SIGNED....

All the best to you, Alice.. junior cum best friend...prettiest junior i can say..

we were kinda lost in touch since she start her career with SIA..

untill Alice told me she is getting married...then only we got chance to contact each happy to know that she will be moving to kl soon...hope that we can meet each other soon and have fun..

her husband...SIA steward also...although i dunno why they decided to start a new life here in kl..i just wanna wish both of you all the best...

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